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All You Can Eat - Korean BBQ

Adult $36.99   Child $19.99 (4-10 years old)

  1. Angus Prime Thin Slice Brisket 앵거스 프라임 차돌
  2. Bulgogi 불고기
  3. Kobe Beef Belly 우삼겹
  4. Chuck Flap 살치살
  5. Intercostal Beef 늑간살
  6. Rib Eye 등심
  7. Filet Mignon 안심
  8. Black Angus Marinated Beef 블랙앵거스 주물럭
  9. Marinated Bone in Short Rib LA갈비
  10. Beef Tongue 우설
  11. Honeycomb Pork Belly 벌집 삼겹살
  12. Thinly Sliced Pork Belly 대패 삼겹살
  13. Pork Jowl 항정살
  14. Marinated Pork Rib 양념돼지갈비
  15. Marinated Chicken 양념 닭고기
  16. Marinated ox Large Intestine 대창
  17. Shrimp 새우
  18. Garlic Shrimp  마늘새우
  19. Baby Octopus 쭈꾸미
  20. Spicy Baby Octopus 매운 쭈꾸미
  21. Steam Eggs 계란찜
  22. Soy Bean Paste Soup 된장찌개
  23. Kimchi Soup 김치찌게
  24. Baby Romain Redwine Vinaigrette 샐러드
  25. Steam Rice 밥
  26. Crispy Rice Porridge 누룽지
  27. Mushrooms & Onion 버섯&양파
  28. Corn Cheese 콘치즈


Alcohol, Beverage

Soju $13.99
The Classics
-Chamisul Fresh

Unique Soju
-Jinro is Back (Similar to Chamisul in taste but much smoother)
-Hanrasan (Jeju Island Premium Soju)
-Saero (Zero Sugar, Clean Hangovers)

Sparkling Soju (Tastes Like Soda!)
-Blue Tock (Blueberry)
-Red Tock (Pomegranate)

Flavored Soju
– Peach, Lychee, Pineapple, Strawberry, Greengrape

Beer $9.99 – Sapporo, Terra, Cass

Rice Wine $12.99

Bohae Bokbunja $15.99

Soda $1.99 – Coke, Sprite, Diet Coke

Lemonade $3.99

Bottled water $1.00

Notice to Our Customers